Game Overview

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Astraeus Defense blends strategy, balance, and cooperation in a rich, dynamic gaming environment. With its unique interplay of diverse gameplay mechanics, this 3v3 game offers players a deeply engaging and tactical experience.
Fog of War & Initial Engagements:
Matches kick off under a cloak of mystery as a fog of war obscures the enemy's race and starting units. Players can deduce their opponent's initial choices from the ban phase, but the first encounter lifts the veil and sets the tone for the unfolding tactical drama.
Understanding Attack and Defense Types:
In Astraeus Defense, each attack and defense type has specific strengths and weaknesses. This dynamic fosters a diverse battlefield requiring thoughtful strategy and precise counter-play. Here's a brief overview:
Attack Types:
Electromagnetic Attacks: Most effective against Light Tactical Assault and Nano armor types.
Kinetic Attacks: Excel against Light Tactical Assault and Scaled Plate armor types.
Plasma Attacks (Arc): Best used against Organic and Scaled Plate armor types.
Explosive Rounds: Penetrate Nano and Heavy Plate armor types with ease.
Sharpened Attacks: Primarily effective against Carbon Compound and Heavy Plate armor types.
Biological Attacks: Most potent against Carbon Compound and Heavy Plate armor types.
Defense Types (Armor):
Organic Armor: Vulnerable to Explosive and Biological attacks.
Light Tactical Assault Armor: Weak against Sharpened and Biological attacks.
Nano Armor: Susceptible to Plasma and Kinetic attacks.
Scaled Plate Armor: Ineffective against Electromagnetic and Sharpened attacks.
Carbon Compound Armor: Defenseless against Plasma and Explosive attacks.
Heavy Plate Armor: Easily defeated by Kinetic and Electromagnetic attacks.
Understanding these relationships is crucial for effectively managing your units on the battlefield, ensuring that you have the right balance of strengths to counter your opponent's choices.
War Scraps & Biofuel:
War scraps, earned from slaying enemies and passively over time, can be invested in unit upgrades or converted into Biofuel for constructing high-cost buildings and upgrades. Careful resource management is key to sustaining momentum and expanding battlefield capabilities.
Astraen Tech & Defense Protocol:
Astraen Tech provides players with over 50 unique technological advancements, including purchasable passive upgrades and defensive tools like AoE heals, defense drones, and placeable towers. When the tide of battle turns hostile, players can trigger the Astraen Defense Protocol, unleashing a devastating AoE nuke to stave off impending defeat.
Teamplay & Coordination:
In Astraeus Defense, individual strategy is entwined with team synergy. Players need to observe and adjust to their teammates' choices, ensuring a balanced and formidable force is presented on the battlefield.
A typical match spans around 20 minutes, offering an intense yet satisfying burst of strategic gameplay. With a blend of resource management, tactical foresight, and team cooperation, Astraeus Defense presents a uniquely challenging and rewarding gaming experience.
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