Astraen Economy

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Astraen Marks

In Astraeus Defense, the Marks system creates an engaging fusion of strategic gameplay, enticing rewards, and tangible real-world value.

Gameplay Flow for Marks:

Earning Astraen Crystals: Astraen Crystals, the in-game currency, can be earned through participation in matches and completion of challenges. Players can also boost their crystal reserves by purchasing Astraen Crystal boosters from the in-app store with traditional payment methods.
Creating Marks: Players can convert their Astraen Crystals into unique "Marks" at the Skyforger Foundry, an in-game location managed by the sci-fi dwarven race.
Random Generation: A Diablo-style affix system gives each Mark a unique identity by generating a random name, along with its associated tasks, challenges, and potential attributes.
Activating Marks: Once activated on a player's account, Marks begin tracking the player's ranked wins and losses until a randomly generated threshold of wins or losses is reached.
Vault Opening and Rewards: Completed Marks can be opened in a vault, revealing rewards based on the player's win-loss ratio. Rewards include boosts for Astraen Crystals, experience (XP), and shards for unit skins.
Unit Skin Shards: In Astraeus Defense, unit skins are "sharded", or broken into pieces. This allows players to gradually earn parts of a full skin through gameplay, instilling a sense of progression and accomplishment.
Digital Collectible Integration: Before they are activated, Marks can be sold as digital collectibles, offering players a way to monetize their in-game achievements. Additionally, all cosmetic items, including unit skins, exist as unique digital collectibles. This adds an element of real-world value to these in-game assets, as they can be traded or sold independently.
By seamlessly blending traditional gameplay with elements of the digital collectible market, the Marks system in Astraeus Defense offers an exciting, innovative, and potentially profitable gaming experience for players.

Note: Game is in development and all details are subject to change.

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