Lore & Races

An introduction to the world of Astraeus.


In the infinite void of space, the planet Astraeus - resource rich and strategically located - has known nothing but war. Throughout the eons, countless alien races have battled for control of the planet. Entire civilizations have been lost attempting to secure the planet’s vast wealth and tactical significance.
To this day, Astraeus remains both a crossroads and a warzone, where soldiers from across the galaxy can be found engaged in eternal combat. Fresh blood still stains the planets surface, as the battle ebbs and flows between the warring factions.
The infamy of Astraeus has grown over time as the legends of its riches have proven true. Soldiers fortunate enough to survive their time on the front line report riches beyond their wildest expectation. At least 8 advanced civilizations currently stake claims to parts of the planet’s surface, forming uneasy alliances to protect their interests and push their competition back into the depths of space. Each battle won strengthens their position, but the war is far from over, and there is no end to the conflict in sight.


There are currently eight different races in Astraeus Defense. Each brings their own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses to the battlefield giving players the opportunity to experiment with different strategies and playstyles.
The unique and engaging aspects of the races in Astraeus Defense provide players with a diverse and exciting gaming experience, allowing them to tailor their gameplay to their preferences and playstyle. This makes the game more challenging and dynamic, and it keeps players engaged and coming back for more. Below are the 8 different starting races and their descriptive qualities.

Children of Xuul

The Children of Xuul, a highly advanced, tribal society on the planet Astraeus, are centered around the worship of their deity, Xuul.
The Skyforgers
A race of advanced Dwarves from the planet Aegis-Kradon.

The Yamatans

A race of reptilian humanoids that evolved on a planet named Yamata.

The Nyxians

A Race of Humanoid Felines & Panthera (Vaelines & Naloxians) from the planet Nyxis.

The Unified

The dominant form of intelligent life is a hive mind controlling varying species of insectoids.


Humans achieved space travel and stumbled upon an intergalactic being staged on one planet, Astraeus.

The Celestiums

The Celestiums are an ancient, crystalline based race, hailing from the planet of the same name.

The Tempests

The Tempests are a powerful elemental based species hailing from the planet Zephyrus
Note: Game is in development and all details are subject to change.
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