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Game Overview

Looking at the core flow of the game, gameplay & the XP system.
Astraeus Defense is a free-to-play, ranked, multiplayer video game that seamlessly integrates auto battler mechanics with elements inspired by castle defense strategy games. Teams of three engage in tactical combat, strategically positioning their units to defend their base while aiming to take down their enemy's headquarters.

Game Flow:

Pledging Astraen Crystals: Entry into a ranked match requires each player to pledge 300 Astraen Crystals, the game's core currency.
Astraen Techs: Players can invest in over 51 unique Astraen Techs - passives and defensive assets including AOE heals, defense drones, or placeable towers, offering diverse strategies to strengthen their defenses.
Race Selection and Drafting: A leader is randomly chosen from each team at the outset. They each ban one race, leaving six races for teams to draft their units from.
Unit Placement and Positioning: On their 'home planet', players arrange their drafted units on a hexagonal, grid-based system, emphasizing strategic positioning. Higher-tier units, which take up more grid space, provide additional complexity to this tactical puzzle.
Battle Dynamics: Units travel through a portal from the home planet to Astraeus, where they assemble just outside the base, forming ranks with tanks at the front and DPS and utility units at the back. They then engage in auto battler-style combat with the enemy units. This tug-of-war dynamic makes each encounter intense and strategic.
Resource Management: Destroying enemy units and holding positions over time yield 'war scraps', a resource convertible into 'Biofuel'. These resources are critical for upgrading units, and purchasing or upgrading buildings.
Game Objective: Teams strive to demolish the enemy base. Depending on the match outcome, players recoup their pledged Astraen Crystals with a slight bonus or deduction, promoting a competitive gameplay environment.
Astraeus Defense offers a rich blend of strategic gameplay, team coordination, and resource management. With a variety of races, techs, and units to choose from, and an innovative combat system, it provides a unique and dynamic gaming experience.

Free to Play

Pseudo-Pledging System: Mock pledging using faux Astraen Crystals provides a risk-free introduction to the game's currency system.
Explore Astraen Techs: Players can test out over 51 unique Astraen Techs, including AOE heals, defense drones, and placeable towers, to understand their functions and impacts on gameplay.
Race Selection and Drafting: Each match begins with a random team leader banning one race, leaving six available for drafting units.
Strategic Unit Placement: Units are positioned on a hexagonal, grid-based 'home planet' system. The larger grid size for higher-tier units adds a layer of complexity.
Battle Dynamics: Units travel to Astraeus through a portal, assemble outside the base, and engage in auto battler-style combat in a tug-of-war fashion.
Resource Management: Players earn 'war scraps' through combat and time, which can be used to upgrade units or automatically convert into 'Biofuel' for purchasing and upgrading buildings.
Master Game Mechanics: The primary goal in the free-to-play mode is to familiarize oneself with the game's unique mechanics and to develop effective strategies for future ranked matches.


ELO Ranking System: Players rise through the ranks from Cadet to Commander, with their ranking determined by their performance in matches.
Marks System: Players can convert Astraen Crystals into 'Marks'. These Marks roll to offer random tasks, challenges, and out-of-game attributes that can positively or negatively affect rewards.
Randomly Generated Marks: Each Mark is randomly named based on a Diablo-style affix system, rolling a new name each time a Mark is created.
Ranking Tracking: Once activated, Marks track the player's ranked wins and losses until a randomly generated threshold is met.
Vault Opening: Upon reaching the predetermined wins or losses, players can open their Mark in a vault. Rewards are displayed based on a drop table determined by the player's win-loss ratio.
Pledging System: As in free-to-play mode, each player pledges a certain number of Astraen Crystals to enter a ranked match. These are returned, with either a bonus or a deduction, based on the match outcome.
Advanced Astraen Techs: Players continue to use Astraen Techs for strategic advantages, fostering diverse defensive strategies.
Strategic Unit Placement and Battle Dynamics: The same complex unit placement and battle dynamics apply in ranked mode, with an added layer of strategic depth due to the high-stakes environment.
Resource Management: The need for resource management is heightened in ranked mode. Players must manage their 'war scraps' and 'Biofuel' effectively for unit upgrades and base enhancements.
Note: Game is in development and all details are subject to change.
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