Astraen Economy

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Clan Structure

Clans are the backbone of Astraeus Defense's social landscape. Players can join existing clans or form new ones to compete on global leaderboards and collectively earn unique collectibles. Each clan has a unique identity, expressed through a distinct ticker, region, colors, emblem, and description. Clans have a hierarchical structure and a commission system, set by the clan leaders, transparent to all members upon joining. Any significant changes are communicated in advance and implemented after a delay.

Clan Treasury

The Clan Treasury is a communal fund built from a commission earned from members' games and quests. Clan members democratically decide how to spend these funds, choices include:
Custom Clan tags appearing before members’ names.
Clan-specific banners showcased on members' maps.
Increased clan membership capacity.
Unique Clan Quests for collective accomplishment.
Construction of a Clan Armory, enabling War Mode.

War Mode

Upon the construction of a Clan Armory, clans can engage in "War Mode". Clans search for rivals in the War Lobby or set their own War terms, such as the minimum games, pledged UAC, and war duration. Accepted challenges must be approved by a majority of clan members before the war commences.
Each clan member has a limit on the number of battles they can partake in, making it crucial for maximum clan participation. If a clan fails to participate adequately during the war, their Clan Armory is destroyed. Victorious clans seize the opposing team's pledge, 65% of which bolsters the Clan's treasury, while the remaining winnings are distributed among clan members based on performance.
The Clan system in Astraeus Defense brings together community, strategy, and competition, enhancing the social and cooperative dimensions of the gameplay experience.
Note: Game is in development and all details are subject to change.
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