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In Astraeus Defense, skins provide a means for players to express their individuality and add a personalized touch to their gameplay. These purely cosmetic items do not affect the game's mechanics but enhance the immersive experience and visual appeal of the game.

Types of Skins:

Map Skins: Alter the aesthetic of the terrain and team base.
Unit Skins: Modify skins, animations, generalized visual effects (VFX), and on-kill VFX for units.
Outpost Skins: Personalize each player's outpost.
Portal and Homeworld Skins: Customize the appearance of each player's portal and homeworld.
Astraen Tech Skins: Change the generalized VFX for all Astraen Tech per player.
Music Packs: Switch up the in-game music and sound effects.
Profile Pictures: Personalize your in-game profile with unique images.

Acquiring Skins:

Skins and other cosmetic items in Astraeus Defense can be acquired in several ways:
Marks Exchange: At Trade City, a dedicated area for redeeming, players can exchange completed Marks for rewards rolled from a drop table.
Cosmetic Shards: Accumulated cosmetic shards can be traded in for specific rewards.
Battle Passes: Players can earn cosmetic shard packs through battle passes.
Cosmetic Packs: Optionally, players may be able to directly purchase cosmetic packs.

Note: Game is in development and all details are subject to change.
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