Astraen Economy

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The Cantina

Welcome to The Cantina, a space-age tavern frequented by alien wanderers and seasoned explorers. Its tantalizing atmosphere, a blend of cosmic charm and under-the-table dealings, entices those seeking more than just camaraderie. In the Cantina, players will find the Quest Master, in charge of all quest-related needs, as well as rogue boost traders and the Contract Officer, offering challenging long-term contracts.

At The Cantina, players can:

Cancel Quests for no cost.
Reroll Quests for a cost, trading in the player's quest for a new quest at random.
Ban Quests for a cost, once banned, quests will not be assigned unless unbanned.
Favourite Quests for a cost, greatly increasing the chance of the quest being assigned again.
Unlock additional Quest Ban/Favourite slots for a cost, allowing additional banned & favourite quests.
Purchase XP, Crystal & Combined Boosts that boost a players rewards for a fixed amount of games.
Begin the Trials of Astraeus (First Season extended 8 months?) for a cost - The trials are a series of 30 daily challenges of varying difficulty. These trials can be started in the first half of each season and can be completed before the season has ended. Completing these challenges gives a variety of rewards such as XP, crystal & combination boosts, data shards, memory cards (skins) and Unrefined Astraen Crystals.
Begin Xuul’s Gauntlet for a cost - Like the Trials of Astraeus, Xuul’s Gauntlet is a series of challenges, however - unlike the trials, these challenges are extremely difficult, the gauntlet is always available to start and complete, and each player may only participate in the gauntlet once. The rewards found on this journey include everything the trials can offer, as well as gauntlet-unique rewards and even Marks.

Both the Quest Master and the Contract Officer are only accessible to experienced players.
Note: Game is in development and all details are subject to change.
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