Astraen Economy

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Astraen Crystals

Unrefined Astraen Crystals

Astraeus is rich in Astraen crystals – concentrated in deep, dense deposits. In each Astraeus Defense match, players have the opportunity to mine a finite amount of Unrefined Astraen Crystals (UAC), while your opponent does the same.

Unfortunately, the crystals mined during the game are still at risk. In the event of a defeat, the victor seizes a significant portion of the loser's haul, adding a thrilling element of competitive risk to the mining process.



The collected Unrefined Astraen Crystals can then be refined at the Foundry, transforming these raw materials into Astraen Marks. Players can equip these Marks to find unique treasures, adding another layer of strategy, risk, reward and progression to the game.

Note: Game is in development and all details are subject to change.

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