Game Overview

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XP System

Dual XP System

In Astraeus Defense, there is a dual XP system comprised of both Account Levels and Race Levels. These progression mechanics are crucial for players to learn each race in depth and become formidable foes. Players will start with a limited number of units for each race, and unlock more as they progress, giving the player more strategic options and more units to learn as they grow. They will also have access to options of specializing in certain pathways for their games by unlocking alternative passives by max rank. All passives will have to be unlocked before playing ranked mode can be played to ensure its fairness.
Before players can enter the ranked ladder, they must reach a high enough level with every race to have unlocked all units and have a sufficient understanding of each race’s unique mechanics.
To help players shorten their time to ranked mode or unlock General Quests, players can purchase XP boosts from

Campaign Mode

Astraeus Defense's Campaign Mode offers a single-player journey through the narrative of each race, with a focus on skill building and game mastery. Here's a brief overview:
You'll play in a series of 3v3 matches with AI teammates and opponents, starting with the simplest race and progressing to the most complex.
This mode provides a chance to learn about each race's units, perfect your strategies, and understand the game mechanics in a controlled environment.
Through the campaign, you'll gain experience and tactics needed to excel in competitive multiplayer battles.
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