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Each player starts with 1 of 3 quest slots unlocked. Additional Quest Slots can be unlocked in the Cantina, and by beginning the Trials of Astraeus and/or Xuul’s Gauntlet. Each day, players are randomly assigned one quest for each slot unlocked.
There are 4 types of quests a player can be assigned each day:
General/Tutorial Quests - These quests are achievable through the unranked & ranked version of the game, these are often race-specific, or specific goals that force players to explore a variety of content that the game has to offer. These quests pay out varying amounts of XP & UAC based on quest difficulty.
Clan Quests - These quests require a player to have formed or joined a clan before they can be assigned. These are much like the general quests, however, they are typically more rewarding, and a commission is taken from the reward for their clan.
Trials of Astraeus - A player receives these quests once they have started the Trials of Astraeus through the Cantina. These quests are a recurring set of simple daily goals, with rewards growing increasingly more attractive over time.
Xuul’s Gauntlet - Like the Trials of Astraeus, a player receives these quests once Xuul’s Gauntlet has been initiated. These quests are not for the faint of heart, are incredibly challenging, and cannot be cancelled or skipped. The rewards, which also become more rewarding over time, will be well worth the brutal trials you face.

Racial Master Questline - A series of difficult quests that act like achievements with story based and economy rewards for players.

Each player starts with a single quest slot unlocked. Additional quest slots can be unlocked by visiting or by initiating the Trials of Astraeus and the formidable Xuul’s Gauntlet. For every quest slot unlocked, players receive a new quest, randomly assigned each day.
Four distinct types of quests are offered to players:
General Quests: These quests are completable through both the casual and ranked versions of the game. Often race-specific or goal-oriented, these quests encourage players to explore the diverse content the game offers. Rewards include XP and UAC, scaling with the quest's difficulty.
Clan Quests: These quests can be purchased by through their clan treasury. These quests are seasonal objectives for clans to complete, that the clan works towards collectively. These quest rewards are unique to clans and are distributed to each member that meets a minimum contribution.
Trials of Astraeus: These quests are activated upon starting the Trials of Astraeus via the Cantina. A recurring series of daily objectives, the rewards for these quests grow progressively more enticing the deeper into the trials you go.
Xuul’s Gauntlet: Xuul’s Gauntlet quests commence once the gauntlet challenge has been initiated. Not designed for the timid, these quests pose immense challenges and, unlike others, cannot be cancelled or skipped. The rewards, gradually increasing over time, justify the grueling trials players undertake.
By navigating through these unique quests, players experience the varied and challenging landscape that Astraeus Defense provides.

Note: Game is in development and all details are subject to change.
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